About us

Our company started in  2015.  Products  “ Warrior” presented to tin miniature, describing events from different historical  epoch.

We are only at the beginning, so please treat with understanding to our work.

Our priority : for You to create  exclusive  with high quality products while having a reasonable price.


Manufacturer of miniature – a multi-step process. It begins with a study of historical documents, literature, different kinds of materials.  With all of the information collected, the master made a sculptural model in 54mm scale., which is, further, a prototype for the  manufacture  pewter miniatures.

Among the  products You can find as whole figures, and those that have component parts – necessary  to create dynamic poses , which is different  our miniature.The figurine is made of alloy of tin , after which it is finished with  blackening  ( best  drawing of a relief), or , for the manufacture of a color model,  manually painted with acrylic .

We use only checked    raw materials,  allowing you to achieve  high quality   our products.  

Each figure is individually Packed in a mail box with a color photo on the cover.

it is Possible to send another transport company, especially if You are not satisfied with the amount for shipping, which is calculated on our website. Shipping cost is automatically calculated and is for reference only. 


Email address - ratnik.ekb@yandex.ru
Phone - 8-932-600-61-24
City - Ekaterinburg 


In Moscow You can buy our products - 


1. the Moscow, 30 meters from underground Volgogradsky Prospekt, Volgograd prospect house 32, building 8Shopping centre "Techno-Lounge". second floor of pavilion №BC-10.

the Website of the shop:               www.hobbyplus.ru tel.8 916 910 50 95


2. the Moscow    , M. Prague, street Kirovograd, 15, TC Electronic Paradise, Pav 1B-7. The mode of operation from 10-00 to 19-00
Tel: +7(925)345-66-54
Tel: +7(926)521-72-27

3. Moscow. Online Shop "the Soldier", site - www.soldatic.ru or by phone 8-968-511-61-48

4. the Moscow . In the online store www.WAR-TOYS.ru or by mail  zakaz@war-toys.ru   or phone 8916-299-61-20


5. Moscow.   "Strelec-M"

Moscow, Kashirskoye, дом78, cor.6, page 2
8-916-098-66-04, 8-915-083-38-31

6. Shop - www.soldatic.ru

   t.+7 (968) 511-61-48


7. the Moscow. www.soldatik-model.ru   t 8-925-866-65-12  

Tverskaya str., 16 bld. 1, "Business center". Entrance from Tverskaya street to the Entrance of "Alfa Bank and Business centre". The guards ask to contact , the SOLDIER-MODEL RU ,,. 3 floor, block B-401
opening hours:
Monday-Friday from 11: 00 to 19-30
Saturday from 11-00 to 15-00
Our telephone: +7 (925) 866-6512
+7 963 601-6698



In St. Petersburg You can buy our products - 

191025, Saint-Petersburg, Povarskaya lane., 11, lit.A POM. 6N

Mode of operation: from 11 to 20 hours, from Tuesday to Sunday;

For all questions please call 8 (812) 404-66-27

Email: info@magazin-soldatikov.ru


In Arkhangelsk  - < / span>Arkhangelsk, Avenue Nikolsky, d. 78, 2nd floor, office 4 
(the Porch to the left of the shop "220 Volt". The first iron door on the stairs, then left.)
the store's Website: http://soldatikov.net)

Phone: < / span>+7(981) 555-19-77, +7 (953) 933-77-99
E-mail: info@soldatikov.net


In Nizhny Novgorod.

- Gordeev Department store

Nagorno - supermarket

- TTS Ant

- TTS Beam

to seven

- TTS Novyy Vek

- TTS Crimea

so 8-920-065-66-68



 In Novosibirsk.

Store Numismatics: Novosibirsk, Kirova str 44/1, office 22.Phone: 362-27-37.

 Antique Shop: Novosibirsk, street Krasny Prospekt 153, in the building of the store "Marcus Aurelius"

 ul., Novosibirsk, Red Avenue, 17, 2nd floor, Bookstore "Pliny the Elder"



In Sevastopol and Simferopol

t 8-978-869-34-77   Guselnikov novel

New products in our store, presented specially for You.
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